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Our apps are dedicated to a wide range of passions such as technology, entertainment, sports & national news.

Got a favorite sports team? Look it up. Mad about science? You’re a hardcore gamer? We got you covered.

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Each of our apps is tailored specifically around one passion only, making them powerful and simple-to-use.

You have full control - follow topics, block sources, get related content and videos, subscribe to notifications on topics you love, and much more.

Join The Community

Each app has its own community of people who gathered around a topic they are passionate about.

Post links, polls or ask questions to create a discussion other community members can engage with.

Earn Reputation points and badges and become a superfan in the community.

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Want more attention from your users and target audience?
We offer tools which deliver highly-relevant content feeds, targeting their passions and topics of interest.

Our tools work at scale for any business, from modest blogs to Fortune 500 companies. 

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