We are Newsfusion, a tech startup. Our goal is to give people news consumption solutions that rid them of information overload, while keeping all the control in their hands.

To that end, we have developed an automated editing and curation platform that knows to prioritize, remove duplication, categorize and send automatic push notifications on virtually any topic and in many languages. Our technology does this by looking at what people online care about, and doing personalized adaptations for each user in a way the user can control.

Our guarantee to users is to give them news with no bias and no personalization bubble. We want you to control your own news feed, in the simplest way possible.
We make our technology available in an array of free mobile apps, available both for iOS and for Android. Each of our apps covers a specific topic - from news in Australia, to news about specific sport teams, various vertical topics, and more.

We also have a dedicated brand for our sport offerings, Sportfusion.
To get all this goodness - this mix of power and simplicity - give one of our apps a try. 

Newsfusion has set out to empower people with AI-powered news feeds that enable them to get the information they need quickly and efficiently. By combining different modes of algorithmic analysis with social signals of how people are interacting and responding to news content, our system produces curated news feeds on any imaginable topic - feeds that represent the best mesh of human and computer-powered curation.

The Newsfusion engine was designed with the concept of prominence from the get-go. This is because news is not only about timeliness and availability of information. Now more than ever, news is about separating the wheat from the chaff, tuning out the noise, and finding the news items which really do make a difference for your particular context. Our engine spares you from click-bait, fake news or endless feeds of mediocre headlines.

We also get that every one of us has a different concept of what is pertinent. The Newsfusion engine was designed with this in mind, and allows vast human control and configurability.

That’s what we do: Human-centered algorithmic curation. This is the mindset that allowed us to create the best relevance engine in the industry. We invite you to enjoy it in our own products, or make use of it to build something great. We can’t wait to deliver the news for you.